Herbals plant can be a good source of medicine?

January 20, 2011 11:27pm CST
Some herbals says that's a natural and good for health and i believed on that. For whatever reason thousands of patients are exploring the role of alternative medicine such as herbal remedies. http://herbalgardens-beverly.blogspot.com
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25 Jan 11
yes its true herbal medicine is good for our health and effective.,i have a 3yr old daughter and she takes herbal medicine if she got a cold & cough. herbal medicine no side effects too.
@AKRao24 (21618)
• India
21 Jan 11
Herbal plants are good source of medicine.This is no new concept . In India there is a full pledged traditional medicine practiced with the approval of Government by name 'Ayurveda'. This medicine has taken its birth in India and Charak is considered to be the pioneer in this field. In Ayurveda medicine only medicinal plants , herbs and also some animal products are used to treat the ailments.There is no role of synthetic chemicals and antibiotics in this type of medicine. For that matter many of the chemical ingredients or the active principles are extracted from plant sources. For instance the plant 'Dhatura' in rich in Atropin which is an antidote for the cases of organic poisoning. Similarly many pain killers and sedatives are extracted from some common plant sources. Knowing the importance of the herbal plants, in Indian house hold one can find typical plants in their back yard or courtyard. Basil is one to name. This plant is said to have the property of cleansing the air surrounding it. It is having antiseptic property and it is even consumed to have good health. Customarily a leaf of basil is consumed a day by many traditional Indians and they claim that because of this they are hale and healthy. Neem tree is another thing commonly seen in Indian houses. Neem tree is capable of producing maximum amount of oxygen in the process of photosynthesis when compared to other trees and the antiseptic properties and other medicinal value of this tree has put this tree into controversy while patenting it by one of the Western Company as it is originated in India. In Indian kitchen we use many spices in the form of leaves, seeds, fruits, barks , rhizomes, tubers and roots in the form of spices which apart from adding taste to a dish gives medicinal value to the food. Like Garlic now known to every one that it is having good effect against bad cholesterol, which can prevent heart diseases. Ginger is good for digestion. Tamarind is good for digestion and turmeric is having many effects including the anti carcinogenic one. Thus these are few to name amongst the hoard of plants which have medicinal values. But being a man of Allopathic medicines I would like to warn the people that these herbal medicines are to be used only under the prescription of an expert as it is a myth like many believe that they don't have any side effects. Herbs also can have side effects as after all they are also chemicals produced by plants. So be care be careful and have these medicines under the technical guidance! Thanks !
@roselean (38)
• Philippines
21 Jan 11
Herbal plants can be a source of an alternative remedy for some diseases. But as a pharmacist, I believed that before a herbal plant can become a medicine for a specific illness, it should undergo phytochemical testing first, because in this test the different plant constituents will be identified and known for their specific use. Some plants are tested to cure a disease because of an active ingredient present in the plant but during the phytochemical testing, a toxic substance that is found in the same plant maybe detected. So, before using it, the toxic substance should be removed first. But I agree, there's a lot of herbal plants that are really effective to cure diseases and many of them are already used in the ancient times. In the modern days, those plants can still be used but it should now be purified to have a more effective and safe alternative medicine.
• Philippines
21 Jan 11
Greetings! Yes. Its true that herbal plants can be used as medicine and it is much safer and natural than the medicines we buy because it doesn't contain any chemicals. It has only a lot of preparation before you can intake it unlike those over the counter medicines but the effect is still the same.
• United States
21 Jan 11
I have used an herbal medicine just the other day to help with my sleep. It worked wonders. Dollar tree sells it and it has valerian root, melatonin and chamomile in it. One must use caution though because it is not smart to use herbals like valerian root and st. johns wort together. It is best to research the herbs before using them.