don't you get pissed with imitation or replica products?

January 21, 2011 8:11am CST
Lately I have been concerned about all those imitation or replica products.They're everywhere from shoes,slippers,dress and gadgets..they're just everywhere.When you go to a mall you see a lot of cheap iPhones which really looks the same ,only to find out a lot of disappointing features.When you buy a slippers you get all branded slippers and shoes in a cheaper price because its imitation.I once bought an imitation of sony mp4 player that I've only used a couple of times since battery life is not reliable and its hard to download its music format.It was all a waste of money,since then I never really bought anything that's fake or imitation.I prefer to buy cheap products and never an imitation of any brand.Its really a waste of money and full of disappointment.. what's your experience about those imitation/replica products???
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@Lisander (273)
• Armenia
23 Jan 11
Hello Tanya It is sometimes so hard to tell what is genuine and what is not. And i once saw that some fake mobile phones where causing harm to brain, because of some material in them. I guess you will need buy things in really expensive shops to be sure that they aren't fakes. And i personally can't afford that. If it's a tv, refrigerator or wash machine - definitely i will buy a genuine one. We have one cheap tv that works horrible. It would have been better to buy an expensive one and actually enjoy using it. Anyway, have a nice dayX)
• Philippines
24 Jan 11
Hi lisander..good day!you're definitely right..its very hard to defy which is fake ..the newest thing I realized is that even HTC smartphones are now being copied..wooow!I mean Iphone was one big thing..and now htc??the thing with this fake brands is that no one can stop them unless the company of the said copied sues them..but that is I guess not gonna happen..thank you for dropping by!
@Trav135 (25)
• Cambodia
21 Jan 11
I feel the same as you. The strange thing is that is now starting to cost us money. If I wan't a genuine product I have to go to an authorised dealer. As we all know they charge a large premium for the product. In the past I could shop around, bargain with a trusted suppliers and get a price I was happy with and the seller was happy with. Autorised dealers in general do not haggle! So I have a choice pay over the top and be 99.9% sure or buy elsewhere and have lower % chance of getting a real product. When is it worth the risk?? - This becomes very relevant when buying an expensive product such as a camera or phone. I am also getting annoyed when I buy cheaper items - perfect copies as far as packaging but the product is very inferior. Two examples of this where I have recently got caught are Gillette Mach 3 Razors - paid normal price - they lasted a week instead of the normal month. The second example was some rechargeable batteries - sony aa's - ha they wouldn't even take a charge. I went to another place and asked if they had genuine sony - sure they said - those there are fake - these are genuine - same marked price!!! I bought the ones he said were genuine - and they worked fine - comparing both the only difference I could find was the weight! The packaging & the battery looked identical! Where does it stop - is the same everywhere? The sad thing is the honest retailers can't compete with those selling fakes (both those items above were bought at "reputable supermarkets in Asia" not in some market or 2 buck shop!) crazy hey. As you said at the start - annoying, disappointing - and now starting to get expensive - yes I'm concerned - where does it stop.
• Philippines
22 Jan 11
very very true!they're just a waste of money.Me and my hubby have this thing for checking out those fake phones..esp. the iphones and its funny how identical they are,but the price is not even justified.I like looking at those fake stuff but its really not my thing to buy one anymore..especially with cellphones. ;)