Can you let me know as to which are the sven wonders of the world

Taj Mahal - The Taj Mahal (Hindi: ??? ???; Persian/Urdu: ??? ????) is a monument located in Agra, India, constructed between 1631 and 1654 by a workforce of 22,000. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned its construction as a mausoleum for his favourite wife, Arjumand Bano Begum, who is better known as Mumtaz.

The Taj Mahal (sometimes called "the Taj") is generally considered the finest example of Mughal architecture, a style that combines elements of Persian, Indian and Islamic and The Taj Mahal has achieved special note because of the romance of its inspiration. While the white domed marble mausoleum is the most familiar part of the monument, the Taj Mahal is actually an integrated complex of structures.
November 18, 2006 9:58pm CST
Although most people know that a list exists of the Seven World Wonders, only few can name them. As there is always confusion as to what are the seven wonders.Please let me know which are they.
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