When Your Cats Get Sick

January 21, 2011 10:35am CST
I've had cats since I was 5 years old. I had a lot of experiences about cats sickness especially for cats getting poisoned by many things such as fungi, grass, poisoned rat, chemical poison, etc. Some of my friends told me to give coconut water when my cats were being poisoned. But, that way was not too fast on curing. The other way, which was very fast on curing was giving GOAT or SHEEP meat to the cats 100 gr 3-4 times a day (replace their daily foods with that meat). Generally, they didnt want to eat by themselves so that I had to force them to eat the meat. But before I gave it, I had to chop the meat so that it was easy to chew. Between 1-2 days, I saw the progress drastically. How can it be? until now I still dont know how it can be. But logically, the meat has great protein in it and increases the blood pressure that can help the recovery. You can try... *this tips is also work with cat which gets cold/flu
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@buli23 (550)
• India
24 Jan 11
I think grass is very good for cats. I think when cats feel some trouble they try to eat grass and it is one of the most important medicine for them. I never give meat to my cat. When I understand that my cats feel some problem i give him green grass for curing him.
• Indonesia
25 Jan 11
That's true. Cats will eat grass sometime. Maybe it's just like human eat vegetables. :)