How much money you have earned from Neobux???

January 21, 2011 6:57pm CST
Neobux is working since last 7 years... that is a good and trusted site... I wanna Know How many myloters got paid from that site... how much and how many times...?? also post your daily neobux state for other members who is just thinking for join ptc site... it will helpfull for them to choose a good ptc site...:P
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@nainesh1 (1657)
• India
22 Jan 11
I have made around $70+ at neobux , I have been member of neobux since one and a half year. I have 3 direct and 15 rented referrals. You can only earn more if you upgrade and rent referrals and I don't invest my personal money but I reinvest what I have earned. Rented referrals avg is very low around 1-1.5 only ,I am going to give up renting.
• Malaysia
14 Jul 11
if we don't have referrals, it is big different with mylots who has referrals ?
@mutchy126 (317)
3 Oct 12
I have been on it for 15 days and I have made about $16 so far. I make about $2-$3 a Day as Standard with 250 Rented Referrals!
@toot97 (7)
• Sweden
8 Feb 11
well, i have used this program in mabe 2 weeks, and i have now rented 3 refferals, witch is good, you can find a lot of tutorials how to earn 100 bucks each day, so, yes, it dose pays, but it takes time to get something out of it without investing, so my tips is to wait, and not to request payout, but to rent some refferals, it pays!!
@kori8274 (201)
• Mexico
25 Jan 11
I have been using Neobux since 6 months ago aprox. and I have made about $12 on there. It is really hard to be a newbie on this site, because all the people that use neobux is already referred and it´s very difficult to get new people. But in any way I like that neobux has been running for many years and is still the best Bux site (by the way, Neobux has been running since 3 years ago, not 7).