If the Corruptor in severe legal, Who is most objection / oppose?

@rifnee (1713)
January 21, 2011 11:29pm CST
Penalty of hand amputation for thieves / criminals one day is not the impossible, But for those of us who are not corrupt group, and do not have relatives / family that corruption would not be worried. For any heavy punishment will be given to the corrupt will not be about us that is not corrupt. In my opinion, the most objections / opposed by hanging for the corrupt are: 1. Actors corruptor 2. Corrupt relatives. 3. Corrupt candidates. 4. Former corruptor. 5. Who gets the money corruption. In addition to the five groups listed above, do you think who else the group who disagree / oppose capital punishment for the Corruptor?
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• Indonesia
25 Jan 11
Sorry if not a little disconnected with the question, but I think if criminals were sentenced to understand to what he cut his hand, he would not feel disadvantaged because it serves as a punishment for sin. so, when he was sentenced in the world, in the hereafter will not be tortured again. Know the punishments of hell, much heavier punishment.
@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
24 Jan 11
Essentially the person is already suffering a little more like what I had done to others so my family and we as a people who feel the loss for the actions of criminals and corrupt big fish it is satisfied although still not paid off ...
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
24 Jan 11
People The most strongly opposed to capital punishment, Are the most disadvantaged groups of the sentence, and a group of people who get huge profits from any corruption. But in opposing the course with a different excuse, such as violation of human rights That's the latest excuse from the criminals.
• Indonesia
22 Jan 11
All associated with the corrupt must be very objection (if a sudden fear of the corrupt unload everything on the court, right) And I am VERY AGREE cut the hands of law enforced in Indonesia So that the corruptor is afraid to engage in corruption again Do they not realize that they were just mice that undermine people treasure?!? Big thief in disguise.