Dangdut and Malay Orchestra

@rifnee (1713)
January 22, 2011 12:42am CST
Who first used the term Dangdut, and whether Dangdut has historical links with Malay Orchestra?
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• Indonesia
25 Jan 11
Dangdut music tracing the journey, actually not yet old. New records began in the era of 70an.Tapi if you want to include the origin, we must look to the early decades of the '50s. We must enter and recognize music malay Deli in Sumatra. And if not, we still can trace the history of this Deli Malay music.
@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
24 Jan 11
Originally came from India and mixed with Arabic culture since the time of Srivijaya until majapahit. Sumatran region adapted to Malay music, using traditional tools and mix. Dangdut melayu modification of this music
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
24 Jan 11
In the 1960s, appeared Said Effendi, who managed to restore the supremacy of the Malay rhythms from Malaysia to Indonesia. Through the song's Ark rate, Said Effendi put myself as the singer of rhythm Malay topnotch country. He rid the popularity of P Ramlee. Said Effendi has popular songs created by itself, like the Ark rate, Buck-buckle, and Fatwa poet, as well as track other people's work, for example last night in Malaysia (Syaiful Bahri) and on the verge of Evening (Ismail Marzuki).
• Indonesia
23 Jan 11
Dangdut is one of a growing genre of musical arts in Indonesia. This musical form rooted in the Malay music in the 1940s. In the evolution to contemporary forms are now entering the influence of Indian music elements (mainly from the use of tabla) and Arabic (on crooked and harmonization). Changes in the flow of Indonesian politics in the late 1960s, opening the entry of the strong influence of western music with the inclusion of the use of electric guitar and also a form of marketing. Since the 1970's virtually dangdut has matured in its contemporary. As popular music, dangdut very open to influence of other musical forms, ranging from keroncong, style, gamelan, harp, rock, pop, and even house music. Mention the name "dangdut" is a sound game onomatope of tabla (drum in the world called dangdut only) a distinctive and is dominated by noise and ndut dang. This name is actually a cynical title in a magazine article the early 1970s to form malay music is very popular among the working class at that time