@buli23 (550)
January 22, 2011 1:13am CST
Walking is very good Exercise for our body. I always try to walk more I never use any alternatives for waling. I always try to move many places on my foot. In our school life we all enjoy the walking competition among our teachers. This event was held at the ending of our annual sports. I could not explain how much interesting event it was. Prize of this event was very special for our teachers. Our all school teachers had to take part in this event . One day our one old lady teachers was fall on the ground and her bone of left legs was broken and that time all the students and teachers got sudden shock. The whole environment was changed within a time. After that incidents this events was stopped for ever and we have to lost the main attraction of our annual sports.
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• China
13 Dec 12
everyday, i walk to office, it is not only a kind of exerceise, but also a way to relax. i can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside, i can see blue sky, flowers, etc. it really brings a lot of surprise to me
@sami00 (891)
• India
23 Jan 11
Hi Bul, Of course,walking is a good exercise for our body.Walking reduces any problems present in our body.It keeps our body physically and mentally fit.It reduces blood pressure and makes your heart healthier.Then you wont get diabetics and blood pressure.I feel sorry for the incidence that happened during your school life.It was unfortunate that the old teacher fall down on the ground.Teachers are the main reasons for the scientific inventions.Without teachers students will find it hard for studying. Have a great weekend.