Secret Garden (Korean Drama)

January 22, 2011 2:56am CST
Before watching this drama , I asked myself, will I watch this drama, (with a curiosity in mind)so fictitious the exchanging of soul of a man and a woman oh cannot be. I really have this kind of feeling at the beginning but the more I surf in the net the more I see Secret garden drama as a super hot drama and that it was placed no. 1 in and then at that point I tried to watch it. I was so amazed from the beginning , the action and the characters are very realistic. Eventhough this is a fictitious drama ,it begins to excite me per episode by the main lead Hyun Bin as Kim joo won and Ha Ji won as Gil Ra Im.The chemistry between the two is amazing , that every drama episode is so worth wacthing. The story of this two makes the table turn upside down for it is not a typical story but a real one. I begin to realize how can a rich man afford to love a poor girl without anything to be proud of. Gil ra im here is a stuntwoman who was perceived by Kim Joo won as Park Chae rin who was he's real target. Destiny for this too is too magical , a magical love that brings about hapiness for both of them . All emotions are present here, there's sadness , hapiness, thrill and action. The Blending of the story is awesome, the connection between the two main characters and other charcters in the drama are really great. I really want to watch this dram again and again and will be part of my best Asian drama ever. Hope you could try to watch this and write to me , what you feel after wacthing this super great drama?
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• Philippines
13 Feb 11
I super love this series. I never expected to like this series because I thought Oppa Binnie was too thin here. But when I started to watch it, I got hooked. As I've said in my blog and in previous discussions, I like the "sit-ups" scene. I really melted when Oppa Binnie stared at Ha Ji Won. How I wish I was Oppa's GF instead of Song Hye Kyo! ha!ha! I also love his voice when he sang, THAT MAN, the series' OST, By the way, the "sit-ups" scene really made a huge impact to korean viewers because they've already made parodies of the scene! :)
• Philippines
19 Mar 11
Me too .. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will really miss their love team. I just hope that when hyun bin return again in showbiz they will be given another chance to make another drama. But I think there is no korean drama couple who starred in another drama right. I don't know why but that is my observation so far.