Illness / phobia can not eat rice

@rifnee (1713)
January 22, 2011 3:57am CST
Did you ever meet people who can not eat rice? I have a friend, she can not eat rice, rice smell and see it instantly nauseous, so why is that? she not eating rice from a small, used initially as a baby and was able to learn to eat, each fed rice always throw up, because do not have the heart, not her mother give the rice again, and until now she can not eat rice.
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• Indonesia
28 Jan 11
I've been eating rice baseball for nearly 5 years instead of hate but for the health & appearance descendants of families who are overweight because so I prefer anything that's good food consumed every day eating boiled & steamed vegetables without spices & coconut milk and all types of fruits if the weekend free to eat anything (still rice not included)
@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
24 Jan 11
People say, how to eliminate phobias that we are accustomed to seeing our phobias .. The more common view, the more commonly kept not afraid anymore ..
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
24 Jan 11
Indeed there are exist, and often occurs in young pregnant women and children who were forced to eat rice as a child, if phobias can be cured by hypnotherapy. And sometimes when already too long do not eat rice then to an adjustment should be given little by little to adjust.
• Indonesia
22 Jan 11
rice phobia exists anyway, there is a habit from childhood, or indeed can not eat real do not even eat rice, people can still survive important he is no intention to recover or not usually does the recommended treatment is therapy or hypnosis