How do you promote your articles?

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January 22, 2011 5:27am CST
Hi, I would like to know how mylot members promote their articles on sites like triond, bukisa, hubpages etc.. If we have a website you can promote it easily. However, when you have 100 articles then it takes a lot of time to get links for each page. I have few articles on triond, bukisa and hubpages and it is taking lot of time and effort to promote these links. Please share your experience here..
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• Singapore
23 Jan 11
I often promote my articles by batches. After writing 30 or more articles, I will promote them to social bookmarking sites. It may take some time to get them all out, but it is worthwhile. You will see an increase in pageviews almost immediately. But I find those articles that has natural traffic with or without promotion do better than the rest. I don't such articles all the time, so I need to promote, promote and promote. I do this when experiencing a lull period in writing, maybe facing a stumbling block or something. It helps.
• India
28 Jan 11
HI, Can you give an example of keywords which get natural traffic?
• United States
7 Mar 11
I use my Blogger and Wordpress accounts along with a blog that I use on another site to help me promote my articles.
@ArsonCuff (3121)
• United States
30 Jan 11
I don't. I am terrible at promoting and do not promote at all. Considering how little they make and the time it would take to go to all the different websites to promote things.
• Indonesia
28 Jan 11
I always use social bookmarking sites to promote my articles. My favorites are digg, stumbleupon and clipmarks. They do give me traffic. I have tried reddit, but I don't know why, my articles never get exposure from it. You should try to submit your articles to different social bookmarking sites and find out which one works for you.
@NoWayRo (1062)
• Romania
23 Jan 11
I use Yahoo Answers every now and then, it's time consuming, but sometimes I find a question that's resolved exactly by one of my articles, so I answer and put the link there. If the answer gets selected as best answer, it can drive a few hundred views / day for a while, because a lot of other sites take content from Yahoo regularly and publish it on their pages. Sites that allow social bookmarking - like Xomba and SheToldMe - are also nice. I don't get a ton of views from there, but still, every little bit helps, right? And, of course, the social networks - just make sure you don't spam your friends. I feel that maybe one in every ten articles I write is worth promoting on Facebook. I use StumbleUpon and Digg more often... it's your choice, try them out and see which one works best for you.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
22 Jan 11
Social bookmarking sites are great for these kind of things. I highly recommend Stumbleupon, it is really great for promoting anything you want people to see!