How long will it take to get payment from microworkers?

January 22, 2011 8:20am CST
I got my first payment from microworkers with no problem. I think within three or four days. Now I requested the 2nd payment. My payment was in pentdin stage. I had peace in my mind. But yesterday my 2nd payment has gone to withdrawal histry colomn. it is not in the pending stage. But It has not jet gone into my paypal account. Now where is the money? Is it normal? Do anybody have experience like this. I am a little bit worried. Now it is the 2nd money is not in microworkers and not in paypal.
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@aeiou78 (3457)
• Malaysia
17 Feb 11
Hey everybody! I just received my 1st. Payment $9.71 from Microworkers today. It took about 30 days to process. ha! ha! ha! Below was my schedule to receive my payment: 20 Jan 11 - Requested for Cash Out. 12 Feb 11 - Received Pin Number from Slovenia to Malaysia. 13 Feb 11 - Submitted Pin Number. In Pending Status. 17 Feb 11 - Payment Received in Paypal account. GREAT Job!
• United States
4 Aug 12
ok say after the pin number is received and you get your first cashout. Can I cashout say three days later then again 8 days later. does it transfer in about four days after your first withdrawal, or do microworkers only pay once a month or something?
• India
19 Oct 12
Hi.. I entered the pin number i got from MW 2 days ago...but I Haven't got the payment long does it take to get the payment...or is this an error? I thought I would get paid immediately after entering the does this work..Could someone tell me please?
• Philippines
1 Feb 11
Well in my case , I got terminated as my pay out is coming to a few cents shorter. I tried to email but no response for more than a week no, total scam for other thought not for some just too bad it happened to me and many others.