hows your family?

January 23, 2011 2:59am CST
well, my family is a supportive family, they supported me despite of my being hard headed, they give me advices that will help me, they are my inspiration to do good and do everything for me to be a better person.. they motivated me to push my life to do good things.. they did'nt even miss some words to throw to me..they all love me even if i sometimes get angry to them..they never leave me..they are always their for me until time comes that i learn to be an independent person.. :) hope it will never change as the time changes.. thats my family.. how about yours?
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@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
23 Jan 11
HI, I am happy to be a daughter of my parents. They are really a good parent, they provide me with everything I need and even I am married now, My parents still care and love me alot.Even for my son,they also love him very much. Whenever I need some help or advices, my parents and siblings will always be there for me. Too bad, we stay far away and only got chance to meet up with each other once a year. However, we still have a strong and close relationship, we keep in touch with each other very often.
• Philippines
23 Jan 11
hello!! well, that's nice and just stay whatever you are.. :) it such a good thing that you loved each other and be loved.. we are all lucky to have that kind of parents.. :) god bless to you, our son and your family..
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
29 Jan 11
hi, my family is going well, even we are all separated to each other, because we still have times to re-unite. family is the most valuable things i have. and i always treasured them here in my heart.
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
25 Jan 11
My family is everything to me. They are always there for me, although I never kept there for them. They always help me with sincerity, without asking for a reply from me. I am very lucky to have family who are very concerned, and always cared for me. I also sometimes, make them upset, but they ever forget me.
@kkavya36 (35)
23 Jan 11
hi friend... i have a great family that they love me a lot but they don't even know to express it....i feel very happy,they always think about me...they think that her child will be a best among all...due to there lots of love,i miss my small small happiness... but this small happiness is not a big thing as compared to my parents. they think my happiness a lot and take a decision with out my opinion,this hurts a lot to me... they think they can decide my life as there wish to keep me happy... if they ask my opinion,i feel very happy and agree the things... i agree with small pain in my heart even they don't... even now,they treat me as a small kid...they not even know that i can make out good and bad request to them,please mom and dad treat me as a grown up girl and thanks for every thing.......
• Philippines
23 Jan 11
Hi! My family has been there for me through thick and thin. We treated everyone as friends, we sing, watch tv, and just have few chit chat together. Misunderstandings and shortcomings are natural within a family but that's how family bond are being tested. We just lost our dad, but still we always remember him in our hearts. Though we siblings are apart from each other we're much stronger than ever. You can always depend on your family.
@rage35 (344)
• Philippines
23 Jan 11
Hello! Well, my family too is very supportive. They always support me on so many things. From my work, my hobbies as well as in my relationship. They are always there when I need them the most. I thank God that they gave me such a very supportive family like my family.