Hyperactive Dogs

January 23, 2011 5:41am CST
I am glad that my labrador is healthy but what really wonders me is that i think that my labrador seems to be "too energetic and happy." He likes to jump in exictement all the time. We adopted 2 more labraodors and surprisingly, these new ones arent as hyper as my first one. I do confess though that i could only play with him during weekends because i am busy with work for the whole week. I also have a pet bulldog and he is a happy dog too, and can get really excited many times but not as hyper as labrador. What must i do? Is it because i dont spend much time with them?
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• Indonesia
5 Feb 11
labrador or other kind of dog if you care of them they will happy,, if they happy ..they will act active..but dont worry because i have a puppy and i spend my time with them just at weekend when im off .. he hyperactive too ==...and when he turned at 3 year he not too hyperactive but still active..thank..
@tkonlinevn (5784)
• Vietnam
24 Jan 11
It's interesting when I read your sharing. I don't like dogs or cats much, so, it make me smile. If you love him, you can spend much more time with him.
@jamed28 (1909)
• Philippines
24 Jan 11
You are an excellent master to your pet. Dogs are born hyperactive. If your dogs are now big enough and still hyperactive, this means those dogs are happy with their life. They are fed well and treated well. Abused dogs, tend to be lazy and always lying. My friend have a mini-pincher(I don't know if I spell it right), it was also a super-duper hyperactive dog. It's like a Doberman but as big as a cat. hehehehe
@louievill (20625)
• Philippines
23 Jan 11
Don't worry, it is very natural for a Labrador to be hyperactive, that's very natural to them especially when they are young. Even your two other less active labs are more active than other dogs of a different breed. Almost all labs want to jump,so don't worry, all this is natural to healthy Labs. You also need a large yard for Labs, they like to play fetch because they are natural retrievers. If your busy see to it that you could get somebody to walk your labs at least once or twice a day, give them a bath(they descended from a water dog), and plenty of water to drink because of our hot climate.
@Kalyni2011 (3503)
• India
23 Jan 11
We never had dogs as pet in the last 30 years, when my elder son was 3 years young, he was bitten by a dog, street dog, it was so painful to see him taking 14 injections just below skin on abdomen.. I will never play with a dog. I think you can spend more time with the pets. thnxs for sharing. kalyani