Why bully the nerds?

@orochi (318)
January 23, 2011 6:03am CST
Well this I'm writing because I'm a nerd myself but really i think we may all have seen it inside and outside of school. The jocks or the dumb kids bullying the smart kids and only because the smart kids does well at school. Now honestly, why bully the people that came up with new theories and took a great deal in creating what we all have today? From what I understand when someone bullies a nerd, he's bullying technology, and yes I know it may be wrong but consider it this way; Nerds created medicine and painkillers so you want feel that much pain when ill, nerds created the wireless network and the network in general and all that gave us was all the smart phones and laptops. Well let's be honest nerds "created" the world. So really is there any reason to bully the nerd? No and in general there is no reason to bully anyone, but from what i see if every nerd in the world was bullied for what he was then what we have today never would have existed. Well i think you all know this but what are your thoughts on this?