Subtitle in English to help countryside pupils

January 23, 2011 7:41am CST
Some months ago,China Central Television 4(CCTV-4) began to subtitle most of its TV programs in English.Obviously,it's more convenient for overseas people to know about China.As we know,most of countryside pupils in China cannot use computers,but usually they watch TV every day.Now school pupils have to study English,but there is no natural enviorenmont for them!Why not subtitle TV programs of all channels in English,that will help the kids a lot!Something must be done now!
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@topffer (36121)
• Svalbard And Jan Mayen
28 Jan 11
Hello friend, Subtitling an English TV program in Chinese in China looks OK for me, but subtitling a Chinese program in English ? What you are suggesting is totally impossible in my country : we have laws against foreign languages. In France we speak French, why in China would you speak English ? I understand that you can chose to speak officially a foreign language in a country with too many small local languages : it is more easy and does not mean that these local languages have to disappear. A world with only one language and one culture would be a sad world. I believe that your school pupils are studying English as a foreign language. For me that is OK : it is always good to be able to speak another language. I hope that they have a choice between many languages and not only English. Personally, my first foreign language at school was Spanish. Have a nice day.
• China
28 Jan 11
Many thanks!I mean most of pupils and students at school have to learn English as their foreign language,and their biggest problem is lack of English environment.They need help from the government.