Should I buy Black Ops

@skr3wed (147)
January 23, 2011 7:57am CST
Well, I'm thinking about buying black ops for my PC, but thinking how expensive it is, I'm kinda holding back. On the other hand I heard Next Gen Tactics on YouTube talking about how Modern Warfare 3 is gonna be released soon (ETA roughly November 2011). What do you think, is it worth the wait? Also, apparently I heard from many people that the black ops engine lags and isn't as good as Modern Warfare 2.
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@csabiCZ (194)
• Romania
26 Jan 11
Well couldn't enjoy the game as much as i would like to because the lag.And i don't know why it lags,the specs of my PC is perfectly capable for running this game so i don't have any idea.I tried lowering the graphics,searched on the internet for some patches or fixes but nothing worked.I think the game is just poorly optimized. But overall i liked the game but it would have been much better with smooth gameplay (without the lag) I would save the money fore something else.I don't know what kind of games you like? Bad company 2 is a great game too or if you also like racing games than dirt2,or nfs shift are also great games but it all depends on you.
24 Jan 11
There has been alot of problems with COD BO on the pc yes, it has been laggy, horrible FPS rates, constant disconnections from servers, extremely horrible respawning points and the list goes on. To me also it just doesn't look good either (if you're into how games look) just looks like badly rendered clay models most of the time. Personally I'd say save your money and get something better or more catered for your enjoyment levels. As for MW3 they try to release a version once per year now. So going by that pattern id say around the holiday time maybe something like 11/11? However it is yet again supposedly Infinity Ward doing it but because of those legal issues going on right now their gonna have some help from another 2 developers. If memory severs me right that would be Raven and Sledgehammer Games. Personally I think it will flunk as MW2 was nothing but a large headache and Black Ops was an even bigger headache. I actually made a discussion for BO you should check it out me and someone go into detail about it.
• Philippines
23 Jan 11 have the money.. buy it then try it..or if you have the budget why you dont buy the two games then compare them.. then you can enjoy and experience how does it run..
@matersfish (6311)
• United States
23 Jan 11
As long as you have a mid to high-range setup, go for it! When you're tired of playing it, take it back and exchange it for the new one.