plz tell me the name of the movie

January 23, 2011 9:18am CST
5-6 years ago i was watching a movie on that movie an epidamic spreads due to a virus. and people of hte city were admitted into the hospitals. in that movie,don`t know,but there was monkey i think which speard that disease.within 24hrs the person dies after getting infected.then a search begins for that monkey.....thats all i remember. at that time i couln`t watch that movie but i want to see that movie again.but i don`t know it`s very much fond of sci-fi,epidemic movies. i really want to watch that movie.guyz plz tell me the name of that movie.And the problem is that how would i find it on the net without knowing its name? so,if u people know anything about it plz let me know too. thankyou.
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