where can i buy vitamin c serum and vitamin e

January 24, 2011 12:38am CST
I have tried vitamin c serum before and it worked well on my skin. Dark spots vanished and evened out my skin tone. The derma clinic that prescribed it does not have it anymore as well as the vit. e. The clinic does have another brand but it is expensive, not on my budget. I am actually in search of these vitamins.Anyone knows where to get?
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• Argentina
14 Apr 11
Maybe is already too late, but there is a brand called SkinCeuticals that have a vitamin C and E serum called C E Ferulic. Is some expensive though ($145)
• Philippines
15 Apr 11
Hi Thanks!Not too late anyway. I will try to look into that!C & E serum really works on my skin that's why I trying to scout for other brands available.
@SIMPLYD (84624)
• Philippines
11 Feb 11
I really have no idea that there is this vitamin C serum you put on your skin. Can it take away freckles? As to vitamin E, there are lots of Vitamin E gel, which you can buy as over the counter on pharmacies. What about the vitamin C serum, is it purely ascorbic acid? please share.
• Philippines
12 Feb 11
Vitamin c serum evens out skin tone.It lightens dark spot but rather expensive.My dermatologist actually prescribed me this liquid its just that the supplier have closed shop so they haven't got the stock.There are other brands but too expensive on the pocket.I think it is only available in dermatology clinics.No OTC. :)
• United States
31 Jan 11
Vitacost.com is a great place to buy vitamins, and practically ANY health or beauty product. They sell tons of natural, and even organic products, and their prices are AMAZING. When I say amazing, I mean it. Like, an average of about 75% off what you'd normally pay for it on a shelf. I use them all the time, and trust me, they're great, plus you can find almost anything there!
• Philippines
1 Feb 11
Thanks. I will try to look into that as well. :)
• Philippines
24 Jan 11
i'm sorry but i don't know either. but thanks for the info, now i know what to do with my skin pigmentation. if ever i know where yu can buy it, i will inform you. thanks anyway.