do you think facebook is secure enough?

January 24, 2011 6:26am CST
I am the member of the face book ..i have nearly 150 friends in it was quite interesting playing games like farmvile,cityvile,mafia wars in face book there are also many application there in the facebook .. are an active member in face book who log on daily and use your account? do you feel facebook is secure enough to share all your informations in profile and update your photos? have you ever experienced any problem?
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@Jacobus1919 (1683)
• Philippines
24 Jan 11
In my opinion, Facebook is pretty secure. I do not actually put details that are really important on my profile.
• India
24 Jan 11
actually we use profile and give informations so that our friends can find us and be in contact ...i think facebook is secure according to you and you use it have goog profile settings too .. be safe from hackers...all the best jacobus
• Philippines
24 Jan 11
hi there. i'm an active member of facebook too. i usually check my account twice to five times daily and i got over 800 friends there. i cannot trust any networking sites so i always make sure not to share important personal information that much because it's too risky. so what i do is to adjust my privacy settings and share some information just with my friends and not to everyone. i never add unfamiliar people, and third degree (friends of friends of friends) cannot search for me on facebook anymore. there are a lot of circumstances wherein you can be a victim on networking sites, like taking your picture and using it for bad intentions. so we must be very careful. safety is always in our own hands, it does not depend on the site. because at these days, nowhere and nothing is safe anymore. see you around.
@gupneha (41)
• India
27 Jan 11
I have read in some news that facebook is not at all secure. It passes on the information of the members to the third party. So take care that you don't provide info as it's not at all confidential.
26 Jan 11
hiii lolipopp, i think u are worried abour ur pics.i thik u dont feel uploading ur pics on facebook....this is not a big problem.i have uploaded so many pics of mine and i have not faced any problem till yet... the best way to keep ur info and pics safe is to dell all strangers and allow only ur friends ti see ur pics.dont allow even friend of friend to see ur pic...and rest all will be fone.....:)
@lisa0502 (1726)
• Canada
25 Jan 11
I use facebook daily and have never had an issue with it being secure. I suppose it also depends on what info you give and the people you know as well. There are too many conmen out there so you do have to be carefull. Screen people etc.