Conserving Trees

@skr3wed (147)
January 24, 2011 6:55am CST
Do you believe it is fair, for major industrial regions to say, "Right, you and your country have to protect the forest". Do you think this is fair because all these country's have deforested most of their land. Do you think that they should also grow forests in their land, not making other, developing nations do the work for them.
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@veganbliss (3901)
• Adelaide, Australia
5 Feb 11
That is one thing to say "it's not fair", but that's only looking at the result & complaining. The real questions we should be asking are along the lines of "do I contribute to deforestation in my country?" & "what can I personally do to end it & reverse it?". Every single one of us is responsible for our own country's deforestation. Planting a tree for every tree felled is not the solution. Not only does a tiny sapling produce very little oxygen or absorb very little carbon compared to those which were felled, but it is not a viable solution at all. Much of the land isn't owned by us to begin with. Planting trees to fix Global Warming, etc, is very ineffective. The number one industry that is driving deforestation is not the timber logging industry, who prefer to select the exact type of timber needed as opposed to clearing vast tracts of land, it's the livestock industry. Take the Amazon Rain-forests for example. 80% of the total area is designated for cattle grazing to prepare them for slaughter while the remainder is used to grow soy crops to feed them. The cause of the whole problem is that people refuse to change their diets to an organic vegan one, which would quickly halt demand for more & more meat & end cattle breeding everywhere. So stop & think before just pointing the finger at others & ask yourself "what am I doing to make a difference & make the world a better place?".
• Portland, Oregon
5 Aug 15
I totally agree with you about each of us being responsible for our own footprint on this planet by supporting clean and sustainable industries. There are other industries that lead to rain-forest deforestation, such as palm oil industry. The truth is, all the greedy companies are trying to exploit the rain-forest for whatever they can, while the world suffers from desertification as a result of deforestation and water depletion. The rain-forest helps keep the world cool, gives medicine and filters pollution! It is such a treasure people undervalue. I doubt everyone is going to become vegan or even vegetarian overnight, so creating and supporting sustainable, local farms and limiting meat eating is a good start. Meat should be a delicacy, not a commodity. Companies should be transparent and ethically accountable. As for growing our own trees, yes! However, we are at the point where we should be preserving old growth trees globally!
@wonder11 (57)
• India
20 Feb 11
Whatever one says has to be practised.Industries and forests, both have to be balanced regarding the areas they occupy.Industries generate jobs and forests are our basic resources.We cannot go overboard with luxurious products, that is the creator of this imbalance.
@Messyrax (147)
31 Jan 11
thats not fair, we all have a part to play in protecting the environment, the major industrial regions should invest more in the environment protection rather than leaving the task to the developing nations who dont have enough resources to plant trees. again they are the big players in destroying the trees why dont they play big in planting the trees?
• Guatemala
25 Jan 11
I think the only way to save the planet is all countries to reforest, not just some, have to be all or it will continue the same or worse an whe ourselves most affected......
• United States
24 Jan 11
yes conserving trees is important it prevent soil erosion and provide shade for the sun without trees the land will turn to dry land like a desert people should learn about tree conservation