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January 24, 2011 3:12pm CST
What is your opinion about the BBC apology for Japan Bomb joke? Those who don't know about the fact let me tell you the story. Recently BBC aired an episode of comedy TV show IQ. Two comedian Alan Davies and Rob Brydon were seen joking about the experience of Tsutomu Yamaguchi who survived the Hiroshoma atomic bomb in World War II and Nagasaki one there years later. The comedians were making fun about the story of Yamaguchi. When Davies asked to work out what the man's link to nuclear attack was, suggested the 'bomb landed on him and bounced off.' Again the presenter of the show Stephen Fry described him as the 'Unluckiest man in the World.' But the jokes were too much for the Japanese viewers and the Japan embassy sent the protest letter to both the BBC and producer Talkback Thamas. At last BBC apologized saying that 'We are sorry for any offense caused caused.' Do you think this is enough for BBC? Are you agree with BBC's apology?
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• India
24 Jan 11
It so happens that a lot of such things are said by people which end up offending others. And it also so happens that we are forced to accept a simple retraction letter. But it can also be noticed that if somebody apologizes for such a mistake then they make sure that such a thing doesn't repeat in the future causing more problems. The thing with the world is understanding. While some might not be so emotional or attached to some aspects as others, other might take everything casually. Although it has to be taken into consideration that a lot of things can be misinterpreted by misunderstanding. bourne
• Bangladesh
24 Jan 11
I understand...mistakes is natural and learning from mistakes are the best thing to do so that it never happens again. and yes we should have the mentality to accept and respect others feeling and emotions. Cultural differences is also important, which is normal and can be ignored in one culture, can have a great impact in other culture. It depends on how reactive they are, how conservative they are about things that relate to them and how open minded they are to consider a fact. Misinterpreting caused by misunderstanding like you said can lead to huge controversial and conflicted situation and sometimes it becomes so complected to handle that a simple apology seems nothing in return... But in my opinion organizations like BBC, which deals with a huge community from different country and culture should be more careful and sensitive to an issue like this case. Because there's so many sentiments are involved here. Who have been killed and survived in Hiroshima and Nagasaki disaster, it a extremely touchy incident for their family. And the person who have been survived two times from these certainly lucky and is subject to get sympathy in my point of view.. I do believe and hope that we'll never experience such mistake from BBC in future because when an organization become large and well recognized their duties and responsibilities also increases simultaneously. And our expectations become sky high that is why we react so quickly and boldly when it is violated or neglected.. thanks for your opinion pal ..