ZoomBucks Search and Win

January 24, 2011 7:05pm CST
i thought that i should let you people know about this new search engine. i don't think it is new as it has been around for quite some time now. all i can say is that it isn't very popular. the concept is very similar to swagbucks. you can search, play games, complete offers...to earn zbucks. zbucks can be redeeemed for gift cards instead of anything else like on swagbucks. people say zoombucks is easier to use and i agree. here's the trick with zbucks. for swagbucks, you can get a cool electronic gadget or some other thing for free of charge. for zoombucks, you get giftcards. since you have a gift card, you will most likely be over spending the amount of your gift card so it isn't 100 % free as you will have to pay a bit. zoombucks have more gift cards than swagucks. i suggest you check zoombucks out as their search engine is great. there are hardly any advertisements hidden in the search results. give it a try: zoombucks.com happy searching!
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@stevieboi19 (1429)
25 Jan 11
It's not new as far as I'm aware as I've definetely heard about it somewhere before maybe on mylot but more likely not. Can people from the UK sign up? Swagbuck's is handy for gift card's but can take awhile. Is zoombucks any faster at building up the required amount for a gift card?
• Canada
26 Jan 11
i've heard others say that its easier to earn on zoombucks. people from UK can signup.
26 Jan 11
Ok thanks for the information I might give it a try compare it to swagbucks see which I prefer.