If you are faced with few options

@gengeni (3308)
January 24, 2011 7:37pm CST
If you are confronted with the same number of conditions and the condition is only 1 option to choose. Which do you prefer? condition like this: 1. When it is your lover birthday! she/he celebrates her/his birthday by holding a small party at his/her home. He/she hopes big for you to come to the event. 2. when you are ready and will go to the party. suddenly there was a phone call from your friends. he said, your best friend had an accident. he was in the hospital with injuries serious enough! 3. when you're thinking about it. from behind you hear your mother calling, it turns out your mother told you to buy asthma medication at the pharmacy for your mother, it took 3 hours more to get there. Which of the above options would you preferred? and specify the reason?
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• Philippines
26 Jan 11
I would choose no. 3. Well of course, she is my mom and she is sick. I wouldn't let her stay that way for anyone even with my bf. Boyfriend will always understand otherwise he will banned in my household.
• Indonesia
25 Jan 11
I chose the third answer for me because my parents are no two. for me the first is god and they are everything to me, especially my mother, I also can not imagine if my mother was gone, maybe my brother and I aka be difficult though, so it means I always pray for me and family fortune is always healthy and was given a distinguished enough for my family, and I also gained always pray for my parents sin in forgiven by God.