The better place to live

January 24, 2011 8:15pm CST
There are many beautiful places around the world incredible landscapes and culture, but not all countries are suitable to live for safety prices,One of the places I like to live is Italy.... what country you think is better for live.......
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• India
25 Jan 11
The better place to live in this world is India. I live on the most fantastic place on the earth as far as I concerned. You can have full freedom here.
@mark98 (570)
• China
25 Jan 11
There are many countries in the world that they have their own culture.Hard to say which country the best place to live,because different people have different choices.I think that regardless of where they live with their families the most important.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
25 Jan 11
I have had the opportunity to travel to countries in different parts of the world. Yes, indeed, each country is unique in its own way, natural beauty, economic developments, cultures, weather conditions, and so on. One country I feel so attracted to live is Switzerland. Oh, what a beautiful country. The Swiss Alps is just awesome ! People are very friendly.
• Indonesia
25 Jan 11
hi..have u ever think to live in indonesia..beautiful country..u know bali?this city is there in indonesia..
@stevieboi19 (1429)
25 Jan 11
I would love to live in America and dream of traveling around Amercia to find which location is just right for me. I like the idea of California though the though of a relaxed easy going lifestyle, yeah it's probably nothing like I imagined but yeah America's for me. Italy is a fine choice though with the culture you'd be surrounded in. I'd love to visit Italy but it be second to America as a place to live.