Heart's day celebration...

Happy heart's day - How do couples celebrates valentine's say? Every person has his / her ways to do things every season of hearts. Sweet thought, words, actions along with gifts completes the day.
January 24, 2011 11:25pm CST
Roses, chocolates, sweet gifts, fine dining, datenight, and many ways and things to do and give during valentines or i can say every 14th day of February. How do you celebrate this day? How do couples should celebrate v-day? In my marriage life, we both agreed to just advance it or go out after because all restaurants, cinemas, malls, parks are full. Sometimes we just stay at home and just relax or spend time with our daughter. There are so many ways and things that couples really do every year of this season.
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• India
25 Jan 11
It would be just another day for me and there is no special plan for the day. May be I will go out for dinner with wife but that again depends on availability of time from office as it would be working day and might have to stay longer at work. Thank you for sharing.
• Philippines
26 Jan 11
Hi! Thanks for responding. I hope you guys will also enjoy the day even if it's late or early to be together what is most important is you still remember your wife. Give her enough time this coming valentine's day. Happy day to you.
• India
27 Jan 11
If things are good in life every day is like heart's day celebration
@marjivy80 (198)
• Philippines
4 Feb 13
lucky you to have a partner like that. me, for 12 years of nbeing together we haven't spend Vdays together. that's why it only last 12 years. LOL. poor me. i haven't spend my Vday with a date, a treat, a gift, or any. when could that be?