left alone

January 25, 2011 3:29pm CST
Haven't you felt like dying because of someone? not being able to sleep and not eating are just the basics. sleeping but waking up is torture because you don't know how to separate from someone you loved. You can't even tell anyone else. you're afraid that they'll think of them badly. And so, you cry all by yourself. You're over, you're finished but only memories of good times and love pop up. the more and more you try to erase them, the longer the days get. so it's like breaking up with them for 365 days. but the thing that hurts the most, is that you don't think they're even thinking about you. "I'm doing this by myself. that person has forgotten about me, and is now happy" is what you always say to yourself. you really wish you were dead but you don't have the courage, all because you're afraid that you won't ever get to see them again.
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25 Jan 11
Yes. But things have to be bad before they can be good, you know? Have you ever let go of someone in your life? You probably love whoever you gained after that by trying to replace them. Its just getting used to the new and letting go.