How do you like to spend your free time?

January 25, 2011 3:39pm CST
So I've been really busy at school recently with exams and work, so i reeeally appreciate any free time i get! I was interested to hear how other people spend their weekends or free time. I usually do pretty cliche things: shopping, hanging out in town with my friends or sleepovers! Haha, all the typical things a teenage girl does :) Do you like to stay at home and chill? Or go out and be social? Or maybe try and learn something new from reading or something? Maybe you dont have any free time!!? O.O let me know :)
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
25 Jan 11
i like to craft or read when i have some free time to do what i want to do (which isnt that often!)
25 Jan 11
What do you like to craft? I do knitting/crochet in my spare time, which is pretty strange for people my age :L
• Philippines
5 May 11
well, it depends on the mood..sometimes i like to hang out with my friends playing tekken 6 and/or counter-strike..there's also a time when i like being alone..walking in the streets while listening to music..when i feel like talking/sharing a lot, i tend to go with my closest friends and discuss things with's really a variety of things i spend my free time on.. :)
@ckciasigurl (1713)
• Vienna, Austria
4 May 11
ho lottielulu i spend my free time with my friends, sharing problems and some experiences and talking about aour love life , i also spend my time by hanging out with my boyfriend we go to have lunch, i also spend my time in relaxing and playing some online game honestly it is not worth while spending my time in this but this is how i spend and now i am trying to spend my time here at my lot and especially my studies that i need to review if i have an exam quizzes and many more.
@dodo19 (34311)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
27 Jan 11
There are several different things that I like doing in my free time. I enjoy reading, watching movies, spending with my husband, just to name a few things. I'm glad that I do have some free time. I think that I might go nuts.
@suguwillu (113)
26 Jan 11
Hi, i do spend my time totally with my kids. i dont get free time at all. if i get free time i want to take rest. getting early i will go to kitchen and prepare break fast, later i will make my kids get ready. leave my elder to the school and get the smaller to play. while that time i will do some cleaning while playing with my baby. then it will be noon and go to pick my elder daughter. soon after coming prepare the lunch. feed both of them and sit to complete the home work. later i make small kid to sleep. then switch the tv on for elder daughter. then go to have my lunch. after that i sit in pc to chat with my lot. and browse for some time. it will be 5.30 pm. after that little one will wake up. the evening will go with the kids. at the end of the day i will be so tried and just want go for bed. my husband comes late night and as soon he comes care him, what he need and everything... so i feel i must become child again to enjoy.....:-)
@dfollin (12780)
• United States
25 Jan 11
My favorite hobby is to do genealogical research and other types of researchI am one of those type of people that if I am having a conversation with someone and they say that they wonder about something,I will start researching to find the answer.I love being online writing on myLot as well as other places,reading on and off line as well,playing games on and off line,listening to music,watching tv and movies.I like spending time with family and friends,playing bingo,watching football(mostly,the Washington Redskins) and watching baseball (mostly, the Baltimore Orioles).As well as doing crafts,making candles,beading,latchook,scrapbooking,as well as other crafts,mostly native american crafts. I am open to learning new crafts and other hobbies as well.It never hurts to learn something new.I want to start traveling and learn some more genealogical and historic knowledge in other parts of the country and world.
• United States
25 Jan 11
I hang out with my boyfriend or my friends, party, go online, watch tv, make food, etc.