What would you do to realize your greatest dream?

January 25, 2011 8:28pm CST
What's the biggest dream in your life that has not been realized? What is the biggest obstacle for you over the years, so the dream can not be realized?
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@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
14 Mar 11
My dream is to go to Japan! there want to see the cherry blossoms, snow,anime and to the beach in winter for Seeing stars
• Indonesia
19 Feb 11
My biggest dream now is to become a leader for my own self. This attitude problem. unruly yourself just how can dream of leading others. when it can lead ourselves means we have self-management that can be used to solve many problems that will arise in life. The most powerful way is to foster self-confidence and educate the mind to release all the positive ideas including positive thoughts. so as to behave properly when facing problems
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 11
It all depends on yourself, if you already have a strong determination to achieve your dreams. You will succeed. because you are ready to pass all obstacles. If you feel down when trying to, you are not optimistic may use your abilities. In my opinion, to realize the dream, we must never retreat and then try and pray to the Almighty.
@KrauseHome (35358)
• United States
31 Jan 11
Mine has always been to Own my Own Business as in a Store, to where I no longer have to work for anyone else. To be self sufficient Financially in this realm has always been my dream since I was young, and something I have tried to achieve many times as well. Personally the thing Stopping me right now, is lack of funding, and customers. I do have my Business license, and running the store from my home, but not enough $$ coming in, etc. to allow me to be able to quit my job.
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
26 Jan 11
I've managed to realize my dream, I tried hard to make it happen and I believe in the ability of self, because I'm one who believes that good to people then people will be kind to me. and to sacrifice for others, I will be facilitated by the Lord.
@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
26 Jan 11
when there are people who comment on our aim to make our spirits down, assume that people throw garbage in front of you, such as there are people who throw garbage in front of your house, whether you will pick it up and brought inside the house?