how do u tell your bestfriend that you love her/him?

January 26, 2011 3:43am CST
during my teenage years my husband is my number one crush because he have qualities that fit my standard. i can say the ideal qualities of a real man that i search for, i found in him. when the time give us opportunity to be friends and nurture the friendship how happy i am :-)until such time he confessed that he admires me and i told him that i feel the same way too. until love was developed..we dont know it does, it seems like magic where instincts there. how about you? what are your styles in letting your someone to inform that you love him/her? best regards everybody
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@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
27 Jan 11
Hi dear. For me it was long long years back. I kept my love in mind for several years and finally didn't tell any one because I was so scared to tell. When I got bold enough, it was too late to tell. Thank-s
@annawen86 (547)
• Indonesia
27 Jan 11
when i was at elementary school i have my first love, well the feeling is grow stronger because our friendship. but it is not because we are friend. from the very start he came into my school as a new student at my school i have a crush on him, and he felt the same way like i did. but we never told until 3 years ago, we finally said to each other that we like each other and here we are, in a 2 years love relationship and thinking about marriage for next year. when we contact again 4 years ago, i was in a relationship with other boy and i was so serious with this boy and this boy from australia want to marry me. he confesed that he was so shock and that time he realized that he didnt want to lose me. then i broke up with my aussie boyfriend bcause i cant live in australia. he was really happy when he heard that i was broke up. then finally he confessed that he loves me for many years because he didnt want to lose me again. i need time about 1 year because i still remember my ex aussie boyfriend. and he waited for me. now we have our relationship
@djbtol (5498)
• United States
26 Jan 11
I think when you are start to feel romantic love towards a close friend, you need to pray about it and then carefully discuss. In the ideal, the other person is feeling the same, so away you go. When it is not ideal, you have to be very careful or else you might lose a friend.