Which one do you like tablet or laptop?

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January 26, 2011 2:36pm CST
When I saw my friend using a tablet computer in their home, I felt amazing because how can she afford such expensive thing like that. I wish to have toshiba brand but sad to say, I can't afford it because when I inquire of how much it cost $2,499.99 and converted to Philippine money it cost P110,749.56.. Imagine that? Maybe, I should stick to my PC at home. How about you?
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@rosegardens (3044)
• United States
27 Jan 11
Yikes! That is quite a chunk of change for something that will be obsolete in a couple of years. There are always sales on those things, of course ones that expensive will still be too expensive to purchase for us, but there are other ones under 500.00 USD available. I would stick to my PC at home as well. I do eventually want to get a 4G phone, but that will take over a year of saving. Meanwhile, I am happy to be at home mylotting.
@Mufasu (176)
• Indonesia
26 Jan 11
Yaa.. a tablet komputer is very expensive and only certain people who can afford it. But PCs are not much different quality with table computers, there are various kinds of branded PCs that can be purchased with a variety of shapes and quality. I use a PC and very happy with it. I continue to add components to improve the quality and appearance of my PC. This will make you more love your PCs. So love what you have today.