Do you consider yourself a cook?

@RULizzie (101)
United States
January 26, 2011 11:24pm CST
I have never considered myself a cook, and my husband has been known to joke that I am a modern woman that does not cook or clean. Last week however, I realized that I may need to change that perception of myself. I have started making my own pasta, and baking cookies at least once a week. I also realized that I have a variety of kitchen appliances and use each of them at least once a week. I think what keeps me from considering myself a cook is that I do not make very elaborate dishes. My husband prefers one pot meals. I frequently make pasta, or stir fry. Rarely, I have made soups in the crock pot and usually on Sunday, I bake a large package of chicken thighs that I can use as a basis for meals throughout the week. During the week, I do not tend to cook as much because my seven year old is a pickty eater, preferring hotdogs to any other main course, thank goodness he likes fruit and vegetables. My other son is 15 months and eats whatever I am having, preferably off of my plate, but does not eat much.
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• Australia
12 May 11
Hi Lizzie, good to know that you've started cooking on your own. I didn't know how to cook until 18 years of age. Once i learned how to cook, i absolutely enjoyed it. I still enjoy cooking a lot. I cook for my hubby every day. He comes home tired and lightens up seeing some delicious serving in front of him. At times, i make special treats for him referring to a cook book or online recipes. I am not that great cook but i like getting into the kitchen and preparing innovative dishes (which sometimes turns out to be a disaster). but overall i am an average cook!
@SIMPLYD (87159)
• Philippines
12 May 11
As long as you can cook delicious meals, simple though they may be, then you are a cook and a good one at that. Me, i can proudly say i am a good cook. My daughter raves on the dishes i make, though they are just simple ones. I haven't cooked intricate dishes, except Kare-kare, which my husband and daughter likes so much. When i see them eat with so much gusto, i can say i am a good cook.
@indahfth (11172)
• Indonesia
28 Jan 11
I now rarely cook. Even my husband sometimes a cook, because my husband was cooking delicious and my dishes are not bad. So I often cook just for myself.
@nj_1022 (251)
27 Jan 11
I do not consider myself a professional cook but definitely i can cook and bake that is. I learn through cookbook only and all the dishes and pastries i've made so far were enjoyed by those people i love and they love it too.
@yogeshdhusa (2237)
• India
27 Jan 11
Hi, i am also not a cook, i don't like to prepare food. It may be because whenever i cook something, no one say any thing good to me, they do not motivate me. But now i have a son and he is fond of eating so now i have started cooking by the recipe book. Once, i was cooked one meal for four continues days on the fifth day i hated to go in kitchen. I think i am not a cook,