ASIO4ALL and Guitar RIG 4 Problem!

United States
January 27, 2011 1:34am CST
Hey I recently downloaded Guitar Rig 4 and I really want to be able to use it but I can't since I don't really know how to configure the driver and Guitar Rig 4 so that everything works. I really don't know how to connect my guitar to my PC so that it would work through Guitar Rig 4 and use all of it's effects. PLEASE help me!!!! The problem is as follows: I connect my guitar to an amplifier via the 1/4 inch guitar cable and I run a cable from the amps headphones jack to the computer's microphone jack, and finally I have my computer speakers connected to computers headphones jack. When I turn my Amp and speakers on I get a clean sound from the speakers but when I try to mod my sound with Guitar Rig 4, nothing works, the sound remains clean no matter what I do. Please help me to configure my ASIO4ALL driver and/or Guitar Rig4 software so that I can use it!!! I will greatly appreciate your help and advice. Thanks in advance.
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• Malaysia
28 Jan 11
You got to configure your ASIO first.Set the input to your soundcard,like mine,I'm using Realtek HD Sound Drivers.And your hardware configurations are seriously messed up.You should connect both the guitar and the amplifier to input output jacks of your computer,where you got to have two cables.The input should be line-in input and not microphone.And the output goes to the input of your amp.That's the type of setting I used.
• Malaysia
28 Jan 11
One more thing,if you wanna use headphones or something like that,cables should be run from the headphone output of the amplifier.
• United States
30 Jan 11
Hey Im not following you here, tell me exactly what I should do. Install the Realtek HD sound driver and connect my guitar to computer's input and my amp to computers output? How should I configure the ASIO driver ?
• Malaysia
31 Jan 11
May I know the what type of sound card your computer is using? Usually,when you install ASIO,it would detect your sound card.Mine is Realtek,so it would detect both input and output.Let me know your sound card first that I'll assist you more.