Could we be forgiven?

January 27, 2011 3:32am CST
On what basis God forgives and hears us, if we can not love and forgive others who wronged us? Are we including the selfish if we ask God that our mistakes are eliminated, and at the same time we do not abolish / forgive / forget the mistakes of others to us?
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28 Jan 11
Never been able to completely forgive. We "have to fight" to be able to forgive others. Know why? When you say "I forgive", you think that person is a criminal. By thinking that he's the villain, then you try to forgive him. However you do it, surely there are still remaining, though slightly. When you see the big picture, then you will realize that the villain is also true victim of his own thoughts. Victims of avidya (ignorance, ignorance, unconsciousness) of his own. There was no way to truly forgive. Sincere affection which is a higher stage of forgiveness. Sincere affection to all living beings (sarva Prani) is way out of your indecision.
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17 Feb 11
I'm interested in your explanation.
@rifnee (1713)
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28 Jan 11
If you want to be forgiven, then learn to forgive, and continue to pray and convince ourselves that we must be forgiven by Allah the Most Forgiving. Of course we're selfish. Those entitled to execute someone who is guilty as your question is a person who has been appointed on the basis of ability.
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29 Jan 11
So, basically, people are more arrogant than God. lol.
@gengeni (3308)
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1 Feb 11
1. If we repent with true penance and correct errors, hopefully forgiven. 2. I can not judge this, maybe God will forgive the forgiving person. 3. whether the police so special that he is entitled eliminate human freedom? If you've answered this then you will find answers to your questions yourself (if you're not dodging)