@cva007 (25)
January 27, 2011 4:45am CST
What we have studied in our schools and in our higher studies,Is this helpful in our future,if it is so HOW ITS HELPFUL???
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• China
27 Jan 11
Teachers always encourage us to learn more as possible. Since life is full of change, we are not sure what will help in our future, and also there are lot of things we learn today will have nothing to do with our life in the future, but it won't be a waste of time for us to learn so much now. First, as I have said, we donot know what will help in the future; besides, things are related to each other, what we have learned may be helpful when we learn other things; And when we learn something, we are not just get the knowledge, actually we also harvest the skill to learn, and that is a life-long treasure.
• Philippines
27 Jan 11
Some subjects are directly helpful. My past schools are serious in teaching the English subject,and it has brought positive effects to me. English is not my native language but I can write/speak with considerable expertise. History is more of casual knowledge since it is normal for every citizen to know the history of where he came from. The basics of Math are helpful, but the advanced topics that took students to their knees- I'm also finding an answer on why I need to learn these things lol.