Attached to your pet, how do you manage?

@chavezrmc (5737)
January 27, 2011 9:38am CST
I have a pet dog, actually i asked him from a friend to give to my mom's farm house, but then my mom went to a vacation so i get him from there. But now that he is with me im so attached to him that i cant easily go somewhere else coz im scared that nobody can take care of him the way i do.
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• India
27 Jan 11
I get reminded of the time when i ahd a dog and my mom had just give it to our maid just beacuse she found it hard to take care of her and my maid wanted it for her farm house.I had missed her a lot poor thinh she was soo young that she never knew she is going to have a new home but i missed her a lot but i caould trust my maid that she will takecare of her well beacuse i knew how she affectionate was to my dog.
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@rowantree (1190)
• United States
27 Jan 11
Sounds like your dog has a great home! I have a dog and a cat. I really do believe that caring for a pet is one of life's greatest rewards.