How to treat Heat Exhaustion

@felliana (114)
January 28, 2011 2:30am CST
During the long, hot days of summer--especially with little breeze and high humidity-- it is possible for the body's natural cooling mechanisms to be overwhelmed. The signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion often begin suddenly and may include faintness, rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, cold and clammy skin, nausea and -- in fair-skinned people -- an ashen appearance. If you suspect someone is experiencing heat exhaustion, see to it that the person: *Gets out of the heat into a cool -- preferably air-conditioned -- location. *Lies down with legs elevated slightly. *Loosens or removes most clothing. *Drinks cold water or sports drink to replenish fluids. If there is no improvement after these steps are taken, get the person to a doctor. Although heat exhaustion isn't as dangerous as heatstroke, it can quickly evolved into heatstroke. If signs of heatstroke develop -- the two key signs being a fever of 105_F or higher and hot, dry skin -- seek emergency medical help. Taking a diuretic medication -- sometimes prescribed for high blood pressure and congestive heart failure -- may make a person more prone to heat exhaustion.
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• China
30 Jan 11
Thank you, I do learn a lot from this. I'm living in a city that could be extremely hot in summer. So this kind of knowledge is quite useful for me.
@felliana (114)
• Philippines
1 Feb 11
Indeed. I knew sooner or later summer season will come. Everybody just love summer... having fun under the sun. At least, with this few tips, heat exhaustion can be avoided. Now, am glad I've shared it here, happy lotting",)
@buli23 (550)
• India
1 Feb 11
During the long hot day i always use umbrella when i had to move on sunlight. After coming back from the out side i never drink cool water. At first I take rest about 30 minutes then I drink cool water. I hot day when I feel I feel tried I drink water with salt or lemon juice to prevent dehydration. I take two times bath one at early morning and one at late night. I this way I never feel any problem in hot season.