Trial days

January 28, 2011 4:37am CST
I've been looking for work and recently got a job. I was told I would be working fulltime as of Thursday with a 2 week trial period. Today I got told I didn't have the job anymore - and not because I didn't perform well enough. The boss didn't tell me why but it seems he was trialling someone else too and they also had the job. Now my question is - Do I call him up and tell him I expect to be paid for the 9 hours I worked (And I did work hard - the lady training me left and did her own stuff because I was doing so well) or do I leave it? And do I demand an expliation? He called me as I was driving home so I wasn't able to chat and he hung up before I could ask if there was a particular reason. How would I go about this?
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@stevieboi19 (1429)
28 Jan 11
I'm sorry to hear this but to be honest I don't think you could argue a case with him if it was on a trial basis. Quite frustrating though anyone else any ideas? It's always worth a shot at attempting to get paid though but I've no idea on where you could even start.
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28 Jan 11
I was actually told I had the job, not that I'd worked a trial day. If id known I wouldn't be angry but according to the boss I had the job. Thanks stevieboi19, have you had things like that happen?
28 Jan 11
That's a strange case then you might be able to look for the money in that case then but I still don't know how you would initiate such a feat. I've been unfortunate with jobs never been offered a job although I've not really sought employment as much as I should be doing.