For money, I just have to suck it up

United States
January 28, 2011 4:40am CST
Although today is Friday, toward the weekend, it is happy for most people, won't it? For me, I still have to work on my part - time for today and tomorrow. For the sake of money, earning an extra buck to save on my account. It is not that I don't like this part - time job, I just don't like the people I work with. One is the manager's sister, who absolutely doing nothing, and tell me to do everything. She treated me like a slave, and I can't complain a word, simply she is the manager's sister. At the end of the day, me and her has to split the tips half and half, although I do all the work, and she simply sit there chitchat and doing nothing at all. I just have to suck it up, I just need the job and money for now. If I would find another part - time work, I definitely plan a revenge on her.
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• United States
29 Jan 11
My husband is in a similar situation. My husband is only allowed to work three hours a day, but is given six hours of work. There have been times when my husband's boss will say that well if you did not get everything done then you have to stay late, but I am not paying you. My husband is part-time and I know that this is illegal. My husband documents the hours and if he does not get paid then we go to the labor board and complain. We are also looking into what to do since my husband's boss has not submitted a new W-4 form with the correct information. My husband'stax information says he has 4 dependents (which is not true since we cannot declare out cats). Unfortunately, my husband works for a small company and the owner is his boss as well as in charge of Human Resources. My husband feels like a slave to his job. He wants to quit, but with the bad economy and I am not working he cannot give up his job. If he quits then we have no money coming in and that would be bad. I think it is unfair that you have to split the tips considering the fact that she does not work.