@jagjit273 (1740)
January 28, 2011 6:27am CST
I want To Know about these HYIPS, I have seen that like ptc sites, HYIPS are also developing too much. But in ptc we don't have risk but here we can surely loose our money. So how to know which is legit and should we take risk in a new HYIP. Actually we can make good money through HYIPs, so I was looking forward to it.
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@jkar1234 (147)
• India
28 Jan 11
well jagjit the universal truth about HYIP is that they have to turn scam one day or other. to earn with hyip you can invest in those hyip which are paying for atleast six months. you can look for legit hyip in sites like hyipnews and hyip explorer. investsmall amounts and get out of it early. i tried one hyip and found it good. it has 12 day plan during which it gives 1-2% daily. the minimum investment is 1$ and it accepts alertpay. i dont recommend to invest in hyip but if you want you can look in my profile.
@akangirl (2436)
• India
30 Jan 11
All i know about HYIP that they are scams so i would recommend you not to invest in any HYIP.I also got scammed by them.
@few00cent (2141)
• India
29 Jan 11
High Yield Investment Program alias HYIP are ponzi scheme..where they will rob sam to pay jack...and once the site Admin earns enough of money ..he/she will pack his bag with all the fund and shut downs the program.do not invest what you cannot afford to loose..the rule is simple..get in quick and get out fast.There is no legit HYIP program..each and every one of its Scam..some will last for a year and some will last for 2-3 days..depends on money getting enroll into program.
• United States
28 Jan 11
The #1 thing that I found out about any HYIP is invest no more then $1 in any HYIP site. Then once you are paid your first amount of cash run like the Devil is after you. Because normally you will not see any more cash after the first payout that you get. I lost in total a few years ago over $500 in HYIP sites, but then I realized there was a method to making it work. Get in at the beginning, deposit $1 that you will get back + interest within 48 hours. Once you get that, keep the interest redeposit the original investment of $1 (No more)Hope and pray you get paid the second time. Once you receive payment #2 get out and stay out. Doing it this way you have more chance of making a profit. If you join an HYIP that will take months to get payed at you will never see the cash. 1% for 1 year never works. I joined many and all closed after 3 months. So go with a 110% after 24 hours or 150% after 24 hours and get the cash then run. You may be lucky to get a second payment but chances are slim. Always try and keep the profit so that you can keep your original investment cash for yourself, doing it once and getting paid after awhile you will see you are making a good profit, but once you start losing that profit then give up.