What are some great gift ideas on a tight budget?

@mark98 (569)
January 28, 2011 8:31am CST
Giving gifts can be expensive. Nevertheless,we can create ways to give without going overboard on spending. Which inexpensive gifts hold the most value?
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28 Jan 11
Hi mark98! It depends on how tight is tight. I agree with the suggestions of the two ladies above. I guess you have to make up by being more caring and sweet. You could do extra gestures that would make the person more special. If you really wanted to buy a gift though you have a tight budget. I guess you could buy a mini cake. For me, though it is small but it is the sweetest.
@ishrael (114)
• Portugal
28 Jan 11
If you want to cut on expenses you have to be creative, sometimes using materials you already have at home and what you know to be your friend's taste, you can make really funny and meaningfull gifts at a very low cost. I still keep some paintings, mosaics and other stuff that friends made for me for the meaning of it, and they look good too.
@nyka08 (411)
• Philippines
28 Jan 11
i think d best way to save money on gifts is by making it personal or something that you've made yourself. it may be as simple as cooking dinner for that someone or as commited as making a painting, scrapbook or collage of you memorable times together. try to be creative and do or make something that both of you can relate too. i'm sure the one who's receiving the gift would be most touched and will definitely appreciate you're effort and hard work.