Someone just came to the door- the dog reactions.

January 28, 2011 11:18am CST
The one dog didn't warn us that anyone was coming to the door like she usually does, I was surprised when the doorbell rang. She didn't even bark, which is customary with her. I ignored the door, knowing full well who was there and not wanting to deal with them. When they opened the screen door and knocked on the inside door, both dogs started barking. My normally passive dog, who barked extremely rarely, barked constantly for about a minute before stopping. He's really a lousy guard dog, always has been, but I'd never brought him home with the intention of him being one. He was brought into our home over a year ago with the intention of being a pet and an animal who could scare off people in our old neighborhood, simply with his size. Most people are scared of big dogs, and where we lived, this was no exception. He's a gentle boy, but some people didn't get that idea. He would sometimes bark over there when our landlord knocked on the door, I guess that knocks set him off, the doorbell doesn't do that unless it's rung more than once. But the other dog is a good warning to us when someone comes by, so at least we know, usually, when someone comes to the door.
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