Facebook Versus Twitter!

January 28, 2011 7:38pm CST
Hello guys! We have a lot of social networking sites nowadays. Back 4-5 years ago We only have Friendster in general as the main social networking sites, so we can post our pictures and look for old and new friends. Here comes Facebook 3-4 years ago and it boom right away. The public was attracted to Facebook than to Friendster. More updated, simple yet classy interface compared to friendster. Friendster now becomes obsolete i think, hehehe. After Facebook here comes Twitter in which it is more on updating your status than with facebook that you could post lots of photos. Twitter mainly use to spread to our friends What we normally does in our daily lives. Here comes the rumors that facebook will be closed by March and with that the mass will somehow be back to friendster or will sign up for twitter. Facebook you can easily trace your old friend or classmate when your still in preschool or elementary perhaps but not all people does have twitter since the latter just simple compared to facebook. More celebrities or Class A and B people does have Twitter and would lessen use of Facebook already.
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@jalucia (1435)
• United States
29 Jan 11
I don't see how Facebook could die right now. Everyone I know, young and old, is on there. I only hear about Twitter every once in a while. Funny what happened to MySpace, though. Me, personally, I don't like any of them because it exposes way too much of people's business. I am on FB, but only a couple of people know. So, don't tell anybody, k ;)
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• Philippines
30 Jan 11
Yes I don't know how people will react if Facebook will really be close by March especially to those who are dependent on it either to use it for leisure or for business. But i think Facebook administration will make remedies on this.
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