Have we give thanks?

January 30, 2011 10:50pm CST
Monkey and wine. There are experiments on monkeys, which naturally turns out like wine. Monkey brains mounted device to view its stimulatory effect on wine. When looking at wine, his brain is stimulated, especially when the wine brought near to him, and then his hand, and ready to eat. Wave frequency is rising, rising, rising, but an interesting fact when it was chewed, the effect is even declining. In summary can be interpreted, monkeys feel more motivated and stimulated when the "chase" of wine, rather than as "eat". Our imagination is stronger than on the fact that there is, we dream more beautiful than the real thing. His color is more beautiful than the original. The desire we feel stronger and feel more motivated than when it get it. In our lives we often see, that his passionate pursuit, seemed to be bland when to get it, which was "only just". Both the new car, bonus money, big profits, promotions, new home, higher education, a beautiful wife, rich husband, and so on. The chase will only result in subsequent pursuit, which have no end. Maybe we should learn to be grateful and enjoy what we already have. greeting
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@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
17 Feb 11
Grateful does not mean stop trying ... Because humans do must always strive ... Enjoying the results with that should be grateful ..
• Indonesia
3 Feb 11
In this world, thankful interpreted as an expression of joy for all the success we achieve, because it is an expression of gratitude is usually done by those who feel successful in your career or his goal is achieved, we are grateful that God has given everything, so the man who was not feasible before God, can be accepted back. By faith, can we say someone is grateful, if ever closer to God, by diligently worship, pray, and do love to others.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 11
People who believe in God will always be aware of our weakness before God so that we will always say your Thanksgiving with low self-esteem for any favors received. Not only the wealth and property are thankful for, but we must understand that God is the Owner of all things, give thanks for health, beauty, knowledge, wisdom, of understanding, insight, and power given to us, and they love to hate the faith and infidelity. We are grateful for having guided in truth and included in the group of believers. Beautiful scenery, an easy affair, desire is achieved, the news is encouraging, the praiseworthy deeds, and other favors, all this makes the believers turn to God, give thanks to Him who has shown mercy and compassion Him. Do not assume that everything happens by itself, or assume that everything that we get is because the results of their own toil. all that happens by the will of God.