@aztcgirl (267)
United States
January 31, 2011 10:20am CST
If you devloped an applicxation that became popular with your friend how would distribute it to others.
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• Philippines
19 Feb 11
you can upload it on the net for downloading. and remember to blog on other website
@sajeevking (5080)
• Mumbai, India
2 Feb 11
First of all create a blog or a website now write in details all about your product then to promote the blog use facebook keep posting your blog address always just so that people there visit and try it out also you can make a video and upload it on youtube like tutorials or some thing like that
@suyash091 (120)
• India
31 Jan 11
is it freeware or shareware
@QuadFire (52)
• United States
31 Jan 11
If i where you I would try to get in touch with large distrubutors of apps. If ur app is popular and good the big companies will surely pick up your idea and distrubute it all over the world. By doing this you will not have to worry about promoting your app and you will earn a lot of money just by doing nothing. Anyway, Good Luck with your app!
• India
31 Jan 11
you can make a blog and wright about your application and promote your application to others.. you also can take help of some social networking sites..
• Philippines
31 Jan 11
I'll create a website for it then share that website to others through forums or blogging. Through the net, you can promote something pretty quickly. You can also post it on your Facebook, Twitter or Multiply account.