A penny saved is a penny earned.....?

January 31, 2011 7:32pm CST
You must have heard the popular saying.."A penny saved is a penny earned".I have been thinking about it for some time.I was not getting any clear idea about it.I am confused.How can we save a penny without earning it.?There must be some hidden meaning in this saying.Does it mean that we should be misers?.That can't be.As I thought over and over again it occured to me that what it means is thrift.I think that we should not spend lavishly for pomp and show.We should spend for necessities and not for luxuries.By not wasting money on luxuries we are really earning money in a way. I thought as to which branch of discussions of mylot I should shart this discussion.Ultimately I decided to start this discussion under the branch of earning extra money becase by saving you are notionally earning extra money.Is it not..?
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@ladyrain (18)
• Philippines
2 Feb 11
if every penny is earned and being saved then it will definitely grow big and be able to provide a certain big amt since every thing starts small
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• India
20 Feb 11
Yes you are right.Small savings can make big money in the long run.Therefore it is advised that parents should teach children to save from pocket money given to them.For this the parrents should set an example by saving small amounts which will later help them when the children grow and need money for their or marriage.