What do you think if you become victim of jealousy of your friends?

January 31, 2011 7:58pm CST
You have a new friend, but it was close. Since you more potential in terms of intellectual property as well, jealous and start your new friends away from you. Every time the meet should be cynical. One day need help to do something, but when you offer help, he even refused to face cynical. How is your attitude?
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• United States
1 Feb 11
Either sit down and have a talk with them or find new friends. Either way make up your mind and follow through with whatever you decide
@SIMPLYD (81467)
• Philippines
1 Feb 11
I agree with you all the way, newyorkgame. One should make a move that will put an end to such rivalry or jealousy. Don't take it sitting down. Deal with it because it will ruin you in the end.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
5 Feb 11
Because not everyone can be heartened by the success of a friend. Envy, perhaps because he could not get what we have. Or he wants to follow our footsteps but could not, could be due to limited appearances. Positive Thinking wrote, as long as no physical play let's just wind. Let other people judge was
• Indonesia
3 Feb 11
The courage to invite her to speak in a comfortable atmosphere, I tried to clean up the problem.
• India
1 Feb 11
To be frank jealousy only hurts the person who feels it. If a friend is jealous of you then in my opinion, he's not your friend at all. Now jealousy, like you said, is created because you have something that your friend doesn't have. But this necessarily means that there are few material things that your friend values more than your friendship. This is actually very weird. You can't offer help to them because they won't think it's sincere. Moreover, they will develop an ego which will ultimately resists them from accepting the reality as it is. They start seeing everything in a very crooked way. They become paranoid about every offer of yours, no matter how honest and kind they may be. Sometimes jealousy may even ruin the relationship.
• China
1 Feb 11
I will call my friends for coffee or dinner or i will go to her/his home. And ask him why he/she is doing this to me? Did i do anything wrong? I think he/she will explain the matter and hope problem will be short it out. But if it continues then i will never talk with him again. I will just try to ignore him and will tell him do your own job never interfere in my life.