Major inconvenience from my bank

United States
February 1, 2011 4:44am CST
I try to get some money out from the ATM machine yesterday and the day before. But the transaction request was declined at the machine. And I also try to used the debit card at the gas station, but it also declined. That was a major inconvenience. I called the bank, and ask them why. They told me that because I tried to withdraw some money earlier that day which is exceeded $500 in total amount, so the system automatically set up a block on my transaction to prevent fraudulent access. I respect that, and I did call the banker one day earlier to remove the block by giving all the valid information. But yesterday, the same problem happen again, they told me the system just trying to protect me and set up a small block. I said, I already called, but everything was fine as I was told. I just hope that they fix the problem, so I can use my debit card again.
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@KrauseHome (35514)
• United States
10 Mar 11
Wow!! This would be a hassle for sure. I cannot believe sometimes the limits places like this tend to put on everything. When you consider we are the ones who continuously have to pay for bailing out the Banks, and the Car dealerships, etc. why do they continually raise the interest rates and do things like this? Personally what ever happened to people being able to be in charge of themselves and their $$ without everyone else having to be in control of it as well?
@QuadFire (52)
• United States
1 Feb 11
Man that's really anoying. I can imagine you standing in line in a shop with just your debit card. And exactly at the moment u wan't to pay there are a lot of people waiting behind you and your card refuses to pay. Personally I would be pretty ashamed if it happened to me. I also had this once with an sofa, I just exceeded the limit by $50 and had no other money with me, pretty anoying :P. I hope they fixed your card to day, and I want to wish you best luck with paying :)