When you go to a smaller dealership, do you have expectations?

United States
February 2, 2011 12:48am CST
I am used to going to brand new car dealerships because my family buys new cars only in particular - they treat you will, if you buy a car, they buy you water/snacks because the process might take a long time. They try to do everything quickly as possible to satisfy your needs however when you go to a smaller dealership the environment, surroundings is totally different. The one I went with my boyfriend particularly was unorganized, everyones office was different, water was not from a bottle, from a 5 gallon water dispenser, unprofessional, no private area where you discuss payments and what not... Do you have any expectations on dealerships? I feel that they should solely concentrate on the customer, today they made my boyfriend and I wait an hour.............. when we scheduled an appointment to buy the car and the car wasn't even done yet, they told us to come back the following day. I was pissed!! Why not tell us when we got there then to make us wait. If they make us wait more, we're going to buy elsewhere.
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