divorce have effect for kids

February 2, 2011 2:25am CST
many kids become worst, when their parents got divorce many of them feel confuse to make a step on their live. Do you have any solution for them?
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@margeryann (1853)
• United States
3 Feb 11
Sometimes they do it depends on the reason for the divorce. Most of the time they do because they want to live with both parents and they can't and it depends on how there parents get along after the divorce. What is sad is when some parents are hateful to there ex after-wards and put them down in front of the kids and don't want them to see the kids no more , so they keep them from the kids. It would be different if they were abusive but sometimes it is making up stuff so they don't have to share the kids which is real hard for the kids. Divorce is better for kids if they have to hear the parents yell at each other everyday or see there other parent getting beat up by the other parent, then the kids become better after the divorce.
@biby89 (215)
• Serbia And Montenegro
2 Feb 11
It's so hard to answer your question. Divorce is such a bad time for kids. It doesn't actually depend from their age, kid can be 30 years old, he/she is a children of his/her parents for life. Finding out the fact that your parents don't love each other anymore is the hardest part. Problem is not seeing one of them every day like before(or not ever seeing them together again). Everything changes from the moment they divorce. Whole world is different. Until the kid realize it's for the best, they will suffer. Sometimes it's good to give them as many activities as possible, just not to let them think about that. That's the best solution with showing your love to them all the time.